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Amazon Alexa Compatible Speakers

  • What are some things I can ask Alexa?

    There are many different commands that Alexa can understand and the list is constantly updated. To see a detailed list of commands, visit Amazon's support website at

  • Do I need to own an Amazon Alexa device before I purchase a JAM Alexa enabled speaker?

    Nope, JAM Audio Alexa speakers work on their own without an Amazon Alexa device.

  • Can I connect my JAM Alexa compatible speaker if I already own other Amazon Alexa devices?

    Of course! The Amazon Alexa family of products allows for multiple devices under the same account to be hooked up in multiple locations.

  • Does Alexa work over Bluetooth with my JAM WiFi speaker?

    Unfortunately, Amazon Alexa is currently not supported over Bluetooth, only WiFi.

JAM Voice

  • Does the JAM Voice speaker run on a battery?

    Yes, the Jam Voice has a lithium-ion battery with up to 4 hours of battery life per charge.

  • What is the wattage of the JAM Voice speaker?


  • Does the JAM Voice have speakerphone capabilities?

    No, at this time the Jam Voice does not have speakerphone capabilities.

  • Can the JAM Voice be paired with a Bluetooth compatible sound bar or speaker system?

    Unfortunately, no the speaker cannot be paired with a Bluetooth enabled sound bar or speaker system.

  • Can the battery be replaced in the JAM Voice?

    The battery is a lithium ion battery that is embedded into the device. It cannot be replaced without damaging the unit.

  • Is the JAM Voice charged for out of the box use?

    Yes, the speaker comes charged right out of the box.

  • Can my JAM Voice be paired with a Bluetooth compatible TV?

    Yes, any Bluetooth enabled TV can be paired to a Bluetooth enabled speaker. Note that there may be some lag time between the TV video and the speaker audio.

Bluetooth Speaker Troubleshooting

  • What is the range of the speaker when using Bluetooth?

    If the speaker is in Bluetooth mode, the smart device that is paired with the speaker must be within 30ft of the speaker. Walls and other large objects can occasionally obstruct communications between devices.

  • Is the JAM Voice compatible with all Bluetooth devices?

    Yes, the JAM Voice is compatible with most Bluetooth capable devices.

WiFi Speaker Troubleshooting